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Year 5/6 Basketball City Finals - 23/01/17

On Monday 23/01/17 a group of 7 year 5 & 6 pupils represented Gwladys Street in the Basketball City Finals at Archbishop Beck Sports College. The team were very excited to reach the finals and had been putting in extra practice sessions with Coach Cole, earlier in the week. This time round, the competition had got even harder as half court defence rules applied. This meant that whenever we lost the ball, we had to remember to drop back into defence and wait for the other team to cross the half way line. Once they had crossed the line, we were allowed to defend the ball. 


Once again, we played really well and showed excellent team spirit. We won our first game which gave us lots of confidence in the next lot of games. Sadly, the competition was very tough and we lost our next two games. Nevertheless, we won our final game in our league. We might not have made it through to the semi finals of the competition, but we were very proud to win 2 out of our 4 games in the City Finals. Let's hope we qualify for further finals in the future! 


Please see the table below for our results: 

Team vs Team
Lister 0:1 Childwall A
Gwladys St 1:0 Rudston
Childwall A 2:1 Rudston
Gwladys St 0:2 Smithdown
Childwall A 0:2 Smithdown
Lister 2:0 Rudston 
Gwladys St 0:1 Lister
Rudston 1:2 Smithdown
Gwladys St 1:0 Childwall A
Lister 0:2 Smithdown



Please click the link below to see the pictures from this event.