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Year 5 & 6 parent / carer & child ICT activity session 15th October 2015

ICT parent / carer & child activity day 15th October 2015

Today we held a parent / carer & child ICT activity for pupils in year 5 & 6. It was great to see the children showing their parents / carers some of the activities we do in school with the iPads and laptops. Some apps we explored were 'maths duel' , 'DK 10 minutes a day' , 'Maths +' , 'Fraction Basics' and 'Zap Zap Fractions.' Remember, all pupils in Key Stage 2 can access Mathletics at home with their login passwords. Key Stage 1 pupils can access RM EasiMaths at home to support their learning. Year 6 pupils can also practice their spellings using 'Spellodrome.'


We also looked at the latest findings in online safety and talked about some good ways to stay safe online.


All resources from the day, including handouts for setting up parental controls for facebook, Xbox and google searches, can be found below.

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