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Year 5


School is closed but the teachers are still here for you!


Hello Year 5,


We hope that you are all well and having lots of fun at home. We miss you and school very much so we have put together lots of different activities that you can do at home to keep you busy and continue your learning.

There are many useful links, including plenty of online learning resources that can be used and many activities that can be completed offline.

While you’re learning take some photos and share them with us via Twitter using @GwladysStPrim #GSPSHomeLearning. We can’t wait to see what you’re doing. You can even share the onto your own class pages using @GSPSRussia and @GSPSIndia.


Stay safe year 5. We can’t wait to see you all soon and share all of our news!!


Mrs Williams, Mrs Townley-Jones and Miss Corness



Hello again Year 5,


We hope you and your families had a lovely, restful Easter and that you're ready to continue learning! Don't forget to share anything you do on the Twitter page, we love seeing how you're doing! 

Remember to keep checking the website for new activities to keep you busy.


We miss you all,

Mrs Williams, Mrs Townley- Jones and Miss Corness

Hello year 5! 

We hope you enjoyed celebrating VE day as much as we did and sang along to 'We'll meet again.' Keep checking on Twitter and add some pictures we love seeing what you're up to! Remember to keep yourselves busy and continue your learning at home by using all the brilliant links and resources on the website. 

Missing you all!

Mrs Williams, Mrs Townley-Jones and Miss Corness



Hello India and Russia, 

Well, it's almost half term and we know how amazingly you're doing. You're working hard and doing us proud! Next week it's half term and we want you to continue staying safe and helping out at home as much as you can. We've put together some fun ideas to keep you busy and would be thrilled if you share what you get up to on our Twitter page @GwladysStPrim. So click the document below and get going!

We're missing you lots and can't wait to see you again!

Mrs Williams, Mrs Townley-Jones and Miss Corness


1st June

Hello Year 5!

We hope you had a wonderful week off and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! Some of you may be coming into school this week and the teachers at school can't wait to see your lovely smiling faces! Those of you stayng at home, don't forget we have made some learning packs for you to collect from school in your allotted time. 

This week has been so exciting due to the SpaceX Launch on Saturday 30th May which was the first American launch in ten years and is the first time EVER that a private organisation will carry humans into the Earth's orbit. WOW! Did you watch it? If you didn't don't worry, click on the link below too see it and then have a go at some of the activities.

Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Williams, Mrs Townley-Jones ad Miss Corness

Moon Camp Challenge

In a future not too far from now, astronauts will have to stay for long periods on the Moon. Follow this link to help them by creating a 3D model of a research base where they can live and work to explore the lunar surface.

Mission Zero

Mission Zero offers students and young people the chance to have their computer programs run in space on the ISS! Teams write a simple program to display a message to the astronauts onboard. You don’t need special equipment or coding skills, and all participants that follow the rules are guaranteed to have their programs run in space. You will also receive a special certificate showing where exactly the ISS was when your program ran!

Let's get cooking!


Lot's of us have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen and trying new recipes. This is a great opportunity to cook together as a family and we would love it if you could share photos and videos of you using your culinary skills on out Twitter pages. Don't forget to keep yourselves safe and make sure that an adult is cooking with you.

Money Sense Monday


Monday, 18th May we will be covering Needs and wants for lower primary in the first 30 minutes and Raising money for charity in the second 30 minutes for upper primary where we will also be joined by special guest, cricketer Michael Vaughan!  
All you will need is a pen, some paper and device to watch on, and they’re all set. 
Please note: pupils do not need a Facebook or YouTube account to watch the broadcasts, however if they would like to comment their answers, we recommend they use a parent’s account to do so with appropriate supervision.  
Always remember to stay safe when on the internet and ask an adult to support you. 


VE Day


Friday 8th May marks the 75th anniversary since the end of fighting in World War Two. Use the links and resources below for some ideas to help you celebrate!

Learning by Question


LbQ has hundreds of online classroom resources that children can work through at their own pace while receiving marking and feedback as they go.

A great new resource for you to use at home!


To support national and local charities during this uncertain time, Gwladys Street Primary School has made donations to both Great Ormond Street and Alder Hey Children's Hospital. Pie Corbett has published brand new educational booklets and as a result of our donations, given the school permission to use the following resource. There are a wealth of activities included for children to be creative with and explore a number of different topics. We hope you enjoy using them, and don't forget to upload your hard work to Twitter via your class pages.  

Time table and activities.


Included in the document below is an example timetable that you may wish to use to organise your child's learning throughout the day. 

Resources and activities


Here are lots of websites and ideas for activities to support your child with their learning from home. We hope you enjoy them, don't forget to add your work to Twitter!

Home Learning 27.4.2020

Home learning 11th May


Keep up with your learning year 5 and share it with us on Twitter, we can't wait to see it!


Try this activity booklet with some lovely tasks to keep you busy!,584,037,589,000


Home Learning 18th May 2020
Spanish Activities
Home Learning Useful Resources & Links

Calm Central activities.


Explore the activities below to find lots of lovely ideas to support with mindfullness.

Social story


Use the social story below with your child to help their understanding of the world's current events.