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Where do you want to travel in our hot air balloon?

The children have really engaged in our new topic and said they would like to travel by a hot air balloon to discover new places and to travel to places quicker. The places that the children have said they would like to travel to are:

  • The beach.
  • To space.
  • To China.
  • To the caravan.
  • To the woods.
  • To a pirate world.
  • To dinosaur land.
  • To their families houses.
  • To sweet land.


The hot air balloon has proved to be a great communication friendly space. The children interact and promote their speaking and social skills.


 The children created their hot air balloon ride rules which are:

  • Only 2 children can be in the hot air balloon.
  •  They can wear hot air balloon hats to show its their turn.
  • No pulling to hard on the strings as it will break.
  • Don't squash people in the balloon.
  • Sit on cushions so it is comfortable.
  • Don't put your hand up or you will burn yourself on the fire. (Role play)
  • Don't tip the basket over.
  • Be careful when you are getting in and out of the balloon because you don't want to hurt yourself.