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Week beginning May 7th 2018

This week at Calm Central, the children have been working together sharing their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The children placed their chatter into the chatter monster in preparation for their time to relax, breath and be mindful.


The children read a poem called, “Let no one steal your hopes and dreams” and discussed the importance of having self belief. They created some beautiful work and wrote some of the amazing things they would like to do in the future. The children had some free time accessing some of the fabulous resources available at Calm Central.


“ I love going to Calm Central. I love to breath, relax and learn new things. I enjoy the activities too.”


Summer 1

Here at Calm Central, we have been looking at friendships. We have been finding out the qualities of a good friend and who are friends are.

We have made a friendship tree and a friendship recipe. The children have read stories, created artwork and spent time using breathing techniques to help relax.

Spring 2 - 2018

Celebrating Differences

We have been looking at celebrating difference and how we are all unique. The children have been making self portraits.

This week we are looking at people in our lives who we trust and love. They have been making cards for special people in their lives.

The forthcoming weeks will include emotions of happiness and sadness with a range of activities.

Included in these activities are non directive play for the children, circle time, mindfulness and stories.

All about me


We have been focusing on ‘all about me’ and developing self portraits to share with other children all the wonderful things about ourselves. We have been discussing how different, unique and special we are.

We have been learning about our emotion of being happy. What makes us happy and how we can spread a little happiness.🤗 

Here at Calm Central, we focus on our breathing and relaxation to be mindful of being present. We used our relaxation skills and travelled on a magic carpet!


Our children have been discussing the emotion of feeling sad. What can make you feel sad and how our body reacts. Sometimes we hide our feeling of sadness.

Following this, our children made a tear drop collage and masks to show how different people hide their emotions.

They spent some time breathing and relaxing using our mindfulness techniques.