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Physical Development

This page provides information for parents and carers on the National Expectations for children starting Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) at Gwladys Street in terms of Physical Development. These expectations are outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 


Children are beginning to:


  • know and say when they need the toilet and can use the toilet with some independence
  • hold a pencil correctly (3 finger tripod grip) to trace over lines and make their own marks
  • put their arms in their coat and helps to put shoes and socks on
  • hold a pair of scissors in one hand and make little snips in paper
  • manage to wash and dry hands by themselves


Miss Nolan and the team will support your child over this year to help prepare them for their learning journey at Gwladys Street. 


By the end of the Nursery Year, the National Expectation for Physical Development is as follows:


Children are beginning to:


  • gain confidence at moving in different ways
  • explore ways of throwing, catching, hitting and kicking balls
  • use the toilet frequently without any help from an adult
  • undress and dress themselves including fastening buttons and zips
  • hold their pencil with the correct grip