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Personal, Emotional and Social Development

This page provides information for parents and carers on the National Expectations for children starting Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) at Gwladys Street in terms of Personal, Social and Emotional Development. These expectations are outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 


Children are beginning to:


  • take an interest in other children when they are playing and tries to join in with them
  • say goodbye to the person who brings them to Nursery without getting too upset
  • ask an adult for help if they need something
  • behave well and start to share toys with others, with help from an adult


Miss Nolan and the team will support your child over this year to help prepare them for their learning journey at Gwladys Street. 


By the end of the Nursery Year, the National Expectation for Personal, Social and Emotional Development is as follows:


Children are beginning to:


  • play with others and can ask to join in with others play
  • keep play going by adding in their own ideas
  • build confident to speak to others if they want or need anything, and can talk about their home life
  • ask adults for help when it is needed
  • understand that if they have done something wrong they need to say sorry
  • be aware of the rules within the school and shares with others and is polite
  • choose equipment and put it away again