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PE at Gwladys Street 

PE and sport is valued highly at our school and every class is timetabled for 2 hall slots each week. Mr Moore has currently purchased a resource known as 'Maths of the Day.' The aim of this resource is to build and reinforce key maths skills through fun, physical activities. This aids towards our aim of providing at least two hours of physical education, each week. 

In addition to key sport and maths skills, we have recently purchased the REAL PE scheme of work. Teachers will be trained shortly on how to best use the scheme and the resources provided. 

Our PE curriculum is further supported by Coach Cole, who works for LSSP (Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership) and is timetabled to work in our school every Wednesday. Throughout the year, different year groups will benefit from his key expertise in a range of sports and fitness.



PE at Gwladys Street 2016-17

For details on our sports premium grant, please click the link below: