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Odd Sock Day 5.1.17

On Thursday 5th January, Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery School celebrated odd numbers through problem solving and reasoning.  Children came to school wearing Odd Socks and gave 50p in return.  


Thank you to all your generous donations.  We raised £110.27!  This will go towards funding resources for our New Maths Hubs.  


Year Five - To celebrate 'Odd Day', Year 5 took part in an 'odd' investigation.


We looked at a set of numbered balls used for a game:



To play the game, the balls were mixed up and two balls were randomly picked out together. For example:  


The numbers on the balls are added together: 4 + 5 = 9

If the total was even, we won. If the total was odd, we lost.

Our teachers then asked us to decide whether the game was fair?


After that, or teachers gave us three more sets of balls:



They asked us:

Which set would you choose to play with, to maximise your chances of winning?

What proportion of the time would you expect to win each game?

Would you use the same set if the operation changed?

Which set would you use if you had to multiply the two numbers? Subtract the two numbers?