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LSSP Crew Rocks Training event for Sports Leaders in Years 5 & 6

Today, a group of pupils from years 5 and 6 took part in a "Crew Rocks" training course for Sports Leaders, with LSSP. The boys and girls were challenged to think about what it means to be physically active and how we can improve this back in school. 

They started learning the principles of self defence and respect through learning some Taekwondo movements. 

Next, they had to think about what the term "personal best" means and why it is important to challenge  yourself. Pupils practised inventing their own activities / challenges using minimal equipment. They had to think creatively, especially when finding ways to travel over a line. There were some lovely ideas from skipping , jumping to more challenging moves such as kart wheels and hopscotch backwards. 


The pupils even took part in a classroom workshop to find out how teaching in the classroom could become more 'physical' and 'active'; from dancing with your times tables to playing games like the bean game. 


The young sports leaders all enjoyed today's events and are keen to bring back some of these ideas into school. We look forward to seeing some of their creative ways to make everyone more 'physically active!' 


Quotes of the day: 

"My personal best - it's not about anyone else it's just about you and your trying to set a goal for yourself to beat. How many different ways can you find to do an activity." (M.H. yr 5)


"Don't be influenced by anyone else when you can only improve your own performance." (LSSP staff member)