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FREE!! Parent/ Carers skills building workshop

Gwladys Street School have got the opportunity to host  a  FREE Parent/Carer Workshop based on:

Understanding and Managing your Child's ADHD.

This is at Gwladys Street School, on

Monday 15th July 2019.

This is a full day course 9:30- 2:45, lunch is not provided. 

This is not necessarily for families who have children  with a diagnosis of  ADHD! It is also for any Parents/ Carers who are concerned, or even if you just want to know more about ADHD and its effects.

It is your opportunity to raise your own awareness of what ADHD is, and some coping strategies  to support anyone with ADHD, adult or child.

It would be amazing to see lots of our parents attending this workshop and we look forward to seeing you. Tea and coffee will be available. As it is a full day workshop, you can either bring your own lunch or go out, the choice is yours!

Remember to book your place by ringing the office:

0151 525 0843

Thank you, Mrs Potts