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ADHD Foundation National Parents and Carers Conference: Saturday 5th October 2019

A fantastic opportunity for Parents and Carers to access the first National Special Educational Needs Conference, solely dedicated to Parents and Carers.  Presentations will be delivered from speakers across the world!

The topics included are:

  • Managing Anxiety- Helping your child thrive
  • Supporting your Child's Education at Home and School- Working Together for Success.
  • Brain Health and Nutrition for Children
  • My Journey to Strength: How ADHD and Dyslexia Enriched My Life.

A wonderful opportunity for Parents and Carers to raise your awareness, knowledge and understanding.  

Tickets are: £10 per person.

Time 9:30- 4pm

Where: at the ACC Exhibition Centre, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4FP.

If you are interested ask for a leaflet at the school office!