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Summer 1

This is going to be our busiest term yet! 

I hope that you have had a go at completing your 'special quizzes' over half term as this is really going to help you with everything we are going to cover this term. 

So please make sure you come back after Easter ready to work hard! 

We are going to be looking at Time the 1st week back, so clocks at the ready. Tick tock! 

Spring 2

This term we are going to be very busy as we are going to be covering many different mathematical areas. 

We are going to be looking at Fractions, Measure, Shape, Data Handling and then recapping everything from this year! We are going to be very busy bees so it's really important that your child is in school every day so they don't miss out!

Spring 1

Welcome back, after I hope a relaxing Christmas holiday.

This term in Maths to start with we are going to be looking at Multiplication. We are going to do be doing lots of practical work to start with, before moving on to solving problems. 

Addition and Subtraction- Autumn 2

This term we have been looking at Addition and Subtraction using a variety of methods. We have been using Cuisenaire Rods, Diennes, Number Lines and the Bar Model. 

We have been doing lots of partner work and group work to help solve the tricky problems, using a number line has took a lot of practice but we persevered and we are now fantastic drawing our own number lines. 

Solving problems

World Maths Day! 16/10/17

Today in school we celebrated World Maths Day! Our activity for today was to use the Cuisennaire Rods to complete additions and show greater than and less than. 

The children really enjoy working with the rods and this showed when they were completing the activity. We discussed why Maths is important for us and for people across the world. 

World Maths Day! 16/10/17

Autumn 1

So far this term in Maths we have been looking at Place Value. We have been working really hard to understand Tens and Ones in two digit numbers. 

We have been using Dienes (a practical apparatus) to assist us with our place value lessons and have enjoyed exploring how these can help us with Place Value. 

Using the Dienes for Place Value Work.

Autumn 2

Addition and Subtraction 

This term in Maths we have been exploring addition and subtraction. The children have been looking at how we can solve addition and subtraction problems using apparatus and formal written methods such as using number lines. 

The children are really improving with the drawing of their own number lines to solve the problems and have really impressed me with this. 


Through homework we have been sending Addition and Subtractions, if you need any support with this please come and speak to one of the Year 2 Team. 


Autumn 2

Addition and Subtraction

This term we are going to be looking at Addition and Subtraction. We are going to be working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers by first using lots of different visuals and apparatus. We are going to have lots of fun learning addition and subtraction this term!