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Mathletics Roadshow July 2018

Gwladys Street becomes a Host School


Jane Fisher from Mathletics attended Gwladys Street on Wednesday 11th to launch Gwladys Street as a Host School.  


She worked with pupils across the school to navigate through Mathletics and Mathseeds.  Pupils gained a better understanding of how they can achieve more weekly prizes by using these sites. 

At the end of the day, Jane held an assembly and presented 3J with the trophy for the class who has used Mathletics the most this year.  This trophy will be presented weekly, from September, to the class who uses Mathletics or Mathseeds.   Good luck. 


After school, Jane worked with Staff from Gwladys Street to support them using Mathletics and Mathseeds so that they can be used more in the classroom to support and engage learning. 


Other schools are invited to attend Gwladys Street for training.  They can contact Mr Moore via the School Office to arrange this.