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We learn maths through investigations and also, once per week, we take part in Active Maths. Active Maths is enjoyable as we use P.E. to learn maths skills.


Autumn 1st Half-Term

Children are taught all about place value with numbers up to 1, 000, 000. They have to learn to read them and write them too, spelling them correctly. Understanding negative numbers, so reading thermometers and counting back beyond zero are all activities you can do at home. Children have been using the formal methods for addition and subtraction and, after half-term, will be using formal methods for multiplication and division to solve problems. Learning their times tables is essential to supporting their numeracy work in school.  We also look at Roman numerals up to 1000, converting them to digits and numbers.


Autumn 2nd Half-Term

Children will learning all about fractions - multiplying, adding and subtracting them.  We will also look at equivalent fractions and simplifying them.


Spring 1st Half-Term

We will to continue to look at fractions, but also their relationships with decimals and percentages.  We will continue to practise our number operation skills and develop our reasoning and problem solving skills too.


Spring 2nd Half-Term

This half-term our focus will be on measures - converting between different units of measurement, exploring imperial and metric units and continuing to apply our skills from other areas of maths.


Summer 1st Half-Term

Finally, we will be looking at perimeter and area, as well as properties of shape. We'll also be looking forward to many more, fabulous Active Maths lessons and investigations.


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