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This page provides information for parents and carers on the National Expectations for children starting Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) at Gwladys Street in terms of Literacy (Reading and Writing). These expectations are outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 


Children are beginning to:


  • join in when singing nursery rhymes
  • join in with some stories that have repetition
  • talk about a book, including the pictures
  • try to draw a picture of themselves.
  • like to make marks and draw independently


Miss Nolan and the team will support your child over this year to help prepare them for their learning journey at Gwladys Street. 


By the end of the Nursery Year, the National Expectation for Literacy (Reading and Writing) is as follows:


Children are beginning to:


  • talk about a story and describes the main settings, characters and events. 
  • look at a range of books on their own
  • recognise some sounds that letters make and says the sound at the beginning of words
  • make marks independently (sometimes writing letters) and says what they have written
  • recognise and write their own name without help