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Story- telling


We have been using our Expressive Arts and Design shed outdoors to explore telling stories that we know.
We have been using costumes to take on a role from a familiar story and we have also created new stories by using costumes that are connected to different areas of life. For example, some of the boys have created stories about heroes by using the emergency services costumes.
Well done everyone, you have a fabulous imagination and it is lovely to see your stories come to life with the little help of a brilliant costume!

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo 1 'He has a wart at the end of his nose'
The Gruffalo 2 'He has terrible teeth'
The Gruffalo 3 'His eyes are orange'

Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales 1 'I am Princess Elsa'
Traditional Tales 2 'I have an ice castle'
Traditional Tales 3 'Run run run, as fast as you can!'
Traditional Tales 4 'You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man!'
Traditional Tales 5 'I'm a rabbit fairy'
Traditional Tales 6 'My ears are magic'
Traditional Tales 7 'This is my cape! I'm going to save the day!'

People who help us

People who help us  1 'I'm helping my friend'
People who help us  2 'He's pretending to be hurt but I'm helping'
People who help us  3 'I'm building a fire engine'
People who help us  4 'I made water pistols for the fire'
People who help us  5 'I'm a police man!'
People who help us  6 'We need to fight evil!'
People who help us  7 'I'm chasing the bad guys'