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Explorers and Adventurers



This term we are looking at an exciting topic all to do with famous adventurers and explorers, particularly the Vikings!

Get ready to delve in to the lives of the vicious vikings looking at where they came from and their reasons for their raids.


Do you know any facts about the Vikings?


Design a factfile about all you know or research and bring it in to school to show the rest of your class.



Paintings, Pictures and Photographs



This term we are looking at a variety of different aspects to this topic. We will be looking at Geography and where artists are from in the world, comparing different places that different artists are from. In History, we will be looking at when different paintings, pictures and photographs are from and looking at chronological order.

Over the rest of the term, we will also be undertaking the more art and design side using different art and design techniques.

Who painted these famous paintings?