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All children should read for 10 minutes at least five times a week. At the front of the children's record books there is a place for parents/carers to sign to confirm that the child has read to another adult/older sibling - we give out prizes to all our regular readers. Foundation Stage 1 children have a reading card and will enjoy lots of stories read to them. No matter how old the child is, reading aloud helps them with expression and fluency.


Key Stage 1 children have a password to log on to RM easi Maths which supports maths at home. Ask the teacher for your child's password. Key Stage 2 children have a username and password for Mathsletics. All children use the programme in school. Mathsletics can be used on ipads, so download the App at home.


Every week children should receive homework in English, Maths and Spellings. Homework is to reinforce learning that the children have been doing in class. Any questions about children's homework please see the class teacher.



Summer Projects 2018

Next year, your child’s class will be named after a country.  Over the first week back in September, each class will be learning about their host country, learning key facts about traditions, geography including climate, major historical events and much more.  This will allow children to develop their general knowledge and understanding of the world as they move through the school.


            At the end of the week, on Friday 7th September 2018, the whole school will hold an open afternoon from 3:00pm where you will be able to visit your child’s class and share their learning.  It would be fantastic to see as many parents and carers as possible celebrating their child’s work.


            To support your child’s learning, we would like them to begin to find out information about their country which they will be able to share with their class.  They may wish to do this by producing a booklet of information, creating a poster or a 3D model.  The sky is the limit!  It doesn’t matter how big or small the holiday project is.  Please bring work to school on Tuesday 4th September to support the weeks learning.


            We look forward to sharing the work they produce.


Creative Writing Challenge - Deadline Monday 11th September 2017