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Grammar Punctuation and Spelling

Below is a copy of the spelling list year 6 children should know. Children should know how to add prefixes and suffixes, plurals and understand the meaning of the words.

Children can download the list and the Look Say Cover Write Check (L.S.C.W.C.) sheet.

Use the sheet by putting the spelling in the first column, spelt correctly, children should look at the word, say it out loud, then cover it up while they try to spell it in the first column. Before writing in the next column, children should look at their spelling and check it. They should continue to do this until each column is filled up. This is one way to reinforce new spellings. Only learn a few at a time.

Use a mneumonic to learn to spell words, these are little phrases/sayings to help us remember or the first letter of each word in the saying spells the word.

Here are some to help you:

You are a friend to the end.

I like a piece of pie.

Bad eggs are ugly, taste it, taste it for uncle Liam - Beautiful

An island is land surrounded by water.

Laugh and U get happy - Laugh


Make up your own, but they need to 'roll of the tongue' so you remember the saying.