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Foundation Stage 1

Foundation One


This week our grown ups came into nursery to explore a range of maths activities with us, it was fantastic. The children enjoyed showing off their maths skills to their parents/carers and were incredibly proud of what they have achieved in their number work.


During the maths stay and play we focused on promoting skills such as:


  • Counting out using 1:1 correspondence- counting out magical stones from the shaving foam. Who has the most? Who has the least? What is one more than this amount?
  • Comparing sizes of objects such as building towers. Who has the biggest tower? Who has the smallest tower?
  • Developing our mathematical language to compare quantity and size.
  • Identifying numerals - fishing for them in the water tray.
  • Looking at 2D shapes.


The parents and carers were really excited to apply the mathetical stratergies they have explored today at home. We look forward to our next maths stay and play sessions.