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Welcome to China! Our class this year has Mrs Berry teaching in the morning with Mrs Haslehurst for English and Maths, and Mrs Haslehurst teaching all the foundation subjects in the afternoon.


Attendance Matters in Year 6

It is very important to be in school every day, we move at a quick pace to ensure we complete the whole Year 6 curriculum by the tests. Work begins at 9 am so it is also essential to be on time. Good attendance means good progress.


Autumn Term

We have been taught by LFC for PE last half term, but this half term we go swimming - remember to bring your kits every Wednesday.  



Place value is very important to maths and we have to read numbers with at least 8 digits eg. 16,987,463 and be able to write it in words.

We will also be using the four operations of maths - ensuring we can use long multiplication and division. Look at the photos below to help you.

Methods for long multiplication, long division, multiplying and dividing fractions

Fractions Decimals and Percentages


In the second half term we will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals. We will also be working on percentages. Look around and find out when we use fractions, decimals and percentages. Find out who uses this skill in your household or family.

Reading for Pleasure


Children should read every day to help them with their reading strategies, vocabulary and comprehension. We have read The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo. From the book we look at how characters act, feel and interact with each other. We use inference skills - that means we reach conclusions from the clues we find in the text.


Our new book for Autumn 2 is called Oranges in No Man's Land - find out other books that link to the themes we are covering in the book. It also links to our topic Moving People.




Learn the spellings from the list below. Children should try to use them in their independent writing.



Practising handwriting is still important in Year 6 - children have to be able to write legibly in a joined style to reach the expected standard by the end of the year.

Letter formation is important.

Websites to support your this year.

Bitesize has a wealth of content to use.


Login to mathletics to improve your skills.



You can even do some Active Maths learning at home, just click on the link:-







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