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Break and Lunch Time Provision

Break Time at Gwladys Street


At Gwladys Street, we provide children with FREE fruit in Key Stage 1 and Nursery and Reception (EYFS)


In Key Stage 2, pupils can purchase a piece of fruit daily for 20p from our Year 6 children.   We also offer toast on Thursday break time for 10p a slice. 


All our fruit is provided from a local company 'Total Produce' reducing our Carbon Footprint and supporting our local economy.


Follow this link for additional information and guidance;

School Lunches at Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery School


At Gwladys Street our lunches are prepared and served by Absolutely Catering. 

Please follow this link to find out more.

Is your child entitled to a Free School Meal?


Follow this link below and complete the online form or come to our office and complete a form and we will do the rest for you. 


You will need your National Insurance Number or your Asylum Seekers Number.

Chinese New Year Menu - Friday 24th January 2020

Build A Burger Day - Thursday 3rd October 2019

Special Menu - Thursday 16th May 2019

Easter Menu - Thursday 4th April 2019

World Book Day Menu Thursday 7th March 2019

Chinese New Year Menu - Tuesday 5th February 2019

Welcome Back Menu - Thursday 17th January 2019

Christmas Lunch - Tuesday 18th December

We will still be offering sandwiches and jacket potatoes. 

If you would like a Christmas lunch, please let the school office know. 

Thank you.

World Cup Menu - Thursday 12th July

Royal Wedding Tea Party - Friday 18th May 2018

Easter Menu - Thursday 22nd March 2018

World Book Day Lunch Menu 2018

Chinese New Year Meal - Tuesday 20th February 2018

Happy New Year Meal - Thursday 18th January 2018

Remembrance Day

What happens at lunchtime?


Lunchtime begins at 12.00 pm for Key Stage 2 classes and at 12.10 pm for Foundation and Key Stage 1 classes. Foundation and Key Stage 1 have free play from 12.10 pm and then come over to the dining hall.  Key Stage 2 go for lunch first and after eating their lunch in the hall, children have free play time until 1.00 pm.


Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils, after eating lunch return to the playground for free play until 1:20 pm.


Play and lunchtime are important times of the day for the children in terms of their personal, social, emotional and physical development.

At Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery School, we are developing the quality of lunchtime play to enrich children’s experiences.  Equipment includes: Poddely, giant connect four, footballs and netballs, rackets and smaller balls, skipping ropes, balancing boards, hoops, karaoke and books. Pupils also have access to our community garden where they can explore nature using a range of equipment. Children are also able to colour, draw or write using equipment provided by the school.


We are also in the process of providing two Maths hubs where children can explore Mathematical concepts through games and the use of practical resources.  We also provide structured lunchtime clubs including; ICT, choir, guitar and Mathletics. These clubs allow children to develop skills in other areas and allow children who seek quieter activities the opportunity to mix with like minded pupils.  


We monitor lunch time and play time provision by regularly taking feedback from pupils and are constantly seeking to improve this very important part of the children’s day and we welcome any feedback or suggestions from parents.