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'Every Second of Every Day Counts!'


Gwladys Street CP and Nursery School works closely with children and parents in connection with attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential. By law, all children of compulsory school age (five to sixteen) must receive a suitable full-time education.

Once your child is registered at school, you are legally responsible for making sure that they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted. You also need to think about the negative impact upon the following:

  • their learning

  • their friendships

  • their self-esteem and confidence.


Gwladys Street monitors the attendance of every child and we work in partnership with our schools Educational Welfare Officer, Lorraine Foulkes. Together they work and support those children and their families who are not attending school without sufficient reason.



Please note that if it is absolutely necessary for a child to be out of school for a hospital or dentist appointment, in order for this to be authorised parents need to provide evidence in the form of an appointment card or hospital letter.

Please also be aware that a penalty notice can be issued to parents where it is noticed through our ongoing monitoring that there is an emerging pattern of unauthorised absence.


As you know school are not permitted to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any term time leave of absence requests need to be submitted using our school ‘request for leave of absence’ letter with the exceptional circumstances explained. The request will then be considered and a decision made as to whether the request is granted and the leave authorised. If the absence is not authorised, parents will receive a note informing them of this. 


At Gwladys Street, we place great importance on the regular attendance of children in school as this will support them to make as much progress as they can in their learning. Plus, as we tell the children, we like to see their happy smiley faces as much as possible!


Our overall attendance at Gwladys Street last year was 95%. There is still room for a huge improvement and we have had a slight improvement in our overall attendance compared to the last academic year.


Of course, we do understand there are times when children are unable to come to school. In this case, please telephone the School Office (preferably before 9.20 am) to advise the reason for their absence.


Please can we remind you that we are unable to authorise absence during term time, unless your child is  ill or special consideration.


90% attendance sounds good, but this means that your child misses:

  • one half day each week

  • nearly four weeks every school year

  • over one school year in a school career


    The table below shows the impact of lost learning hours in one school year.



Lost hours of Learning







Requires Improvement



Persistent Absentee








Let's see if we can increase our percentages further by the end of the school year!


Many thanks for your help support.




What if my child is feeling poorly, should I take them to school?


To help with the decision about whether your child needs to be absent, please do consider the following:


  • Does your child have a condition that could be passed on to other children or school staff? If so, keep your child at home.

  • Would you take a day off work if you had this condition? If not, send them into school.

Has your child been sick or experienced diarrhoea? If so then please keep them at home until at least 48 hours after the last episode.



It is really important that you notify us on the first day your child becomes unwell/unfit for school with the reason.


Please do return your child to school when they feel better, even if it’s the end of the week. Learning still takes place on a Friday!


Do also consider bringing your child into school if they feel better during the day, so they are not missing a whole day.


If your child has a medical appointment it can be helpful if you can provide us with any medical notes /appointment cards from the GP.


Rewards for Good Attendance

On Tuesday 26th March 2019, our KS2 children visited Asda Store, Utting Avenue, Walton. 
Children who achieved 100% attendance were placed into a draw and were selected to visit Asda as a reward. KS1 children received Hollywood Bowling Vouchers.  All children who achieved 100% attendance were also given a prize.
The visit was a fantastic day! The children completed activities which included finding 5 healthy cereals in store. The children had to read food labels. The children searched for 5 different types of bread and different fish. They sampled fabulous pizzas, cake and lots of goodies. Our winners discovered different fruits and their origin. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing behind the store where staff work and where foods are stored.
With special thanks to our Gwladys Street staff, volunteers and Lorraine Ambrose, Asda Community Champion for making our visit special