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Welcome to 4R.

Here you will find all of the most up-to-date information for the forthcoming school year. Mr. Rostance and Mrs. Murawski are very excited about working with the wonderful children of year 4 and are looking forward to a great year.

Class Reminders:

P.E. will take place on Monday each week. The children will be expected to have their P.E. kit in school ready for the lesson, including the necessary footwear.



Homework will be given out on Friday each week and will usually consist of a piece of English and mathematics work. These tasks will be based on the learning that has taken place throughout the week and the children should generally be able to work on them independently. If the children are having any problems completing homework tasks they should come to see Mr Rostance or Mrs Murawski as soon as possible. All pieces of homework should be handed in by Thursday morning at the latest each week in the folders provided.