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Welcome to 3LZ.


You are lucky to have not one, but two teachers. Monday to Wednesday your teacher is Mrs Lynch, and then Wednesday to Friday your teacher is Mrs Zaim. Our learning support teacher is Mrs Murawski. We have a fantastic time in year 3 and have lots of activities going on. Here are some tips and help for this year.


Homework deadlines are Wednesday each week and reading books with reading records need to be brought in each morning.


We have PE sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please bring your PE kit at the start of each half term and take it home the day before the holidays.


If you need any help, please ask!

Gateways to the world.


We had an excellent start to our year. After having the summer holidays and going to lots of lovely places, we shared our experiences and then decided we had to visit an airport. We were very lucky to visit Manchester airport.

We have produced lots of fantastic work including: airport safety videos, computer animations, global trade and tourism guides.


Thank you for flying with Gwladys gliders!

Temples, Tombs and Treasures


For Spring, our topic is called 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures.' We will be learning all about Ancient Egypt and answering questions such as: Who were the pharaohs? Why did people settle in Egypt? How was the River Nile important?

We had lots of fun during our topic opener, when we became Egyptologists exploring tombs, sketching artifacts and making artifacts of our own.

Summer Term.

This term we have my favourite topic, Saving The Word. We will be doing lots of Geography and learning all about the rainforests around the Earth.

We have already had a visit from the fantastic Zoo2U and got to meet some amazing creatures including a scorpion, chameleon and  lesser tenrec.