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Welcome to 2C!


Welcome back to school! We hope you've had a wonderful summer filled with lots of adventures.

We're so excited to be back to school and ready to begin our learning. 




In English this half term we have already learnt about stories with familiar settings and have become awesome authors and written our own stories. We have enjoyed a Roald Dahl day and have come into school dressed as characters from one of Dahl's stories. We took the opportunity to read Fantastic Mr Fox and write a newspaper report about the horrific events that took place around the fox's hole. 

We are looking forward to learning all about Traditional tales and have begun looking at alternative tales such as 'The Three Mean Pigs and The Big Sad Wolf' and 'Jack and The Incredibly Mean stalk.'





In Maths we have been leaning all about number sequences and how to order numbers. We showed of our knowledge of partitioning and we are using this knowledge to learn how to add two digit numbers on a number line. We're very excited to use our learnt skills to begin some reasoning exercises in class.


At home can you please practice lots of step counting in 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's. counting in tens from any number will really help your children become excellent maths magicians!




In IPC children are learning about People in the Past. We have already been investigating The Great Fire of London and have even written a diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys. On the first day back the children really enjoyed dressing up as a famous person from the past and they loved sharing their facts.



General information


Can home readers please be returned daily so that the children can be given a new book every day. Frequent reading really helps your child become speedy readers.


Homework will be given out each Friday, can it be returned the following Thursday so that it can be marked.




P.E. Takes place on a Wednesday morning. Can children be prepared with a P.E kit and pumps.


Children can bring a water bottle to school, please make sure it is clearly labelled with their name.