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Who's Who?

Miss N Booth
Hello!  I have been the Headteacher at Gwladys Street for six years and I thoroughly enjoy my job.  This is my fourth headship and I have worked in thirteen different primary schools during my career.  Gwladys Street is the best school that I have worked in and the children and staff are fantastic! I am currently learning Spanish to support the children with their language skills in school. Welcome to the website of my wonderful school.

Mrs A M Berry
Deputy Headteacher

I am delighted and proud to be appointed the new Deputy Headteacher of Gwladys Street. I have been here for seven years and taught across key stage 2. I still lead English for the whole school and working hard with the team to create many exciting reading areas, as well as teaching in year 6. I love working here with all the fabulous children and seeing how they develop throughout their journey in school.

Mr P Wolstencroft-Moore
Assistant Head and Mathematics Subject Leader
I have been a teacher for over 10 years teaching children from Years 1 - 4 and working as a specialist liaison and support for all year groups at Primary level. I have spent nearly 6 years at Gwladys Street and am currently teaching in year 4. If you need any help or support then please contact me through the school office.


Mrs Gallagher-Baker
Assistant Head and Safe Guarding Officer

Currently I am the Assistant Head of Key Stage 1 and FS and also teach in Year 1.

 I have been teaching in Gwladys Street for five years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am passionate about raising standards in all areas of the curriculum and providing opportunities for all pupils.
Mr Fidler
Hi, I have been a teacher at Gwladys Street for over 6 years now. I teach ICT and PE across the school and I am responsible for PE with Mrs Lynch, and Computing. If you need any help or support then please contact me through the school office.


 Mrs Zaim
This is my second year at Gwladys Street and I've been teaching for five years in total! I currently teach in Year 4!  I look after Science for school and run Science club every Monday. I also look after eco-council, to help make sure we make our school as environmentally friendly as possible.

 Mrs Jackson
Hi everyone! My name is Mrs Jackson and I have been teaching at Gwladys Street since September 2012. I teach Year 5 and have a fabulous class. I am the ICT Co-Ordinator for the school.

Mrs Lynch
Hello! My name is Mrs Lynch and I have been teaching at Gwladys Street since September 2011. This year, I am excited to be teaching in the juniors, sharing the wonderful 3LZ with Mrs Zaim. I also have taught in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. I love sports, reading and art and am really excited to learn about the new IPC topics we shall be covering in Year 3.  Along with Mr Fidler, I co-ordinate PE for the whole school.

Miss England
Hi! I am Miss England and I am a Year Three Teacher at Gwladys Street.  I have been working at Gwladys Street for over four years and I love working with my class.  I am D&T Co-ordinator for the school.

Miss Townley
Hi everybody!  My name is Miss Townley and I have been teaching at Gwladys Street since January 2013.  I work in year 5.  I love history and I am very pleased that I am the history co-ordinator.  I am enjoying all our IPC topics and enjoy learning new facts along with the children.

Mrs Cooper
Hello Everyone! I am Mrs Cooper. I teach in year 2. I came to Gwladys Street in June 2013, but have been teaching two years previous to this. I really enjoying teaching IPC to my wonderful class and finding out lots of interesting facts with them. I am also getting the chance to teach Phonics to KS1 children on a one to one basis. 

Miss Clarke
 Hello! I'm Miss Clarke. This is my third year at Gwladys Street. I'm teaching in year 2 this year and I'm loving the new challenges and exciting topics we are going to be learning about. I'm the phonics co-ordinater and am really enthusiastic about the new Read Write Inc phonics program that we are following. I love to read and really enjoy art.

Mr Rigby
Hello everyone! I am Mr Rigby and this is my second year working at Gwladys Street School. I am working in Year 6 alongside Mrs Haslehurst and Mrs Berry.  I am a huge sport and Science fanatic and have been given a new opportunity to coordinate Spanish which I am hugely excited about. I am looking forward to learning about the new IPC topics this year with the children.

Miss Hennessey
Hello! This is my forth year at Gwladys Street School and I love it! I currently supporting all over the school but mainly in the Early Years Foundation Stage, as I will soon be going on maternity leave. I love working with the children at Gwladys Street and I enjoy making their learning fun and exciting in the classroom.  This year I am coordinating geography, and am looking forward to helping children across the school. 



Mrs Haslehurst

Hello, I work with a great team in year 6. I have been teaching year 6 for the past four years. I enjoy creating super role play areas and finding visits and visitors to extend the children's learning.