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Exploring Materials 

We have been looking at how materials can float or sink and completed an experiment to show this. The children predicted before completing the experiment which objects they thought would float or wouldn't. Once their predictions were complete, we then tested the objects and recorded our findings. 


Our next experiment was looking at how we can build a house for the 3 Little Pigs using a variety of materials including-



Sugar Cubes


Lolly pop sticks 

We predicted again which material would be best before then testing out our predictions. Two children tried to blow down each of the houses and the children then recorded their findings. 


The children had lots of fun and got very messy building the houses for The 3 Little Pigs! 

Experimenting fun!

Autumn 1

This term in Science we have been looking at Materials. We have explored how Materials can change and be shaped and how Materials are everywhere around us. 

We have also explored Recycling and how important it is to recycle what we use and how we want to try and eliminate the amount of rubbish going to Landfill sites.