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School Clubs

School Clubs for 2017/18

Throughout the year there will be a range of clubs at lunch time and after school for different key stages. Letters will be sent out to children to participate. Here is a list of what is on offer so far.



Year 5 ICT club with Mr Trigg from MGL

Tennis club with Devon our sports coach.

Yoga club for year 6

KS1 Gymnastics Club

Positive Futures Breakfast and Lunch time club

Maths club for year 6- Year 6 team

Spelling club for year 6 - Year 6 team

Book club KS 2 - Mrs Berry

Choir - Miss Nolan

Netball Years 5 and 6- Miss Brand

Maths club Year 2- Mr Moore

Football - KS2 Mr Fidler/Mr Duffy/Mr Rigby

Multisports - Across the school Liverpool Partnership Coach

Philosophy Club - Mr Jones

Yoga Club for parents/carers - Mrs Baker

Football - LFC

Cricket Club - Mr Rostance

KS1 Dance Club- Mrs Beckwith

ICT Lunchtime club - Mrs Murawski/Mrs Mitchell

Phonics club for years 1 and 2- Year 1 and 2 team

Funky Four Operations (an active approach to the number operations) for Year 5 - Mrs Jackson

History Club - Miss Townley




Click on the link above to see all the photographs from the latest clubs.

School Clubs 2016-2017


These clubs will run throughout the year!

Badminton Club  for Years 5&6

Athletics Club for Year 3&4

Spelling Club for 5&6

Music Club Lunch Times

Mathletics  Club

Phonics Club

Music Hub Club at Notre Dame School

Art Club

Geography Club

Gardening Club

KS2 Sports Club

KS1 Sports Club

Maths Club

ICT Club

Lunch Times Clubs Creative Arts


Autumn Term 1

Tuesdays - Years 3 and 4 Hockey

Wednesdays - Years 3 and 4 Floorball and Year 2 Football

Thursdays - Years 1 and 2 Basketball, Key Stage 2 Judo and Notre Dame drama and music club.

Fridays - Years 5 and 6 Basketball


Art Club Year 2 with Mrs Blythe

Monday 12th October - Monday 9th November


Autumn Term 2

Art Club Year 1 with Mrs Blythe

Monday 16th November - Monday 7th December

Monday - Quicksticks for years 3 and 4 with Coach Cole

Tuesday- Tag Rugby for years 3 and 4

Wednesday - Phonics Breakfast Club for Years 1 and 2, Home school library - years 1 and 2 with Mrs Berry, Miss Potter and  Miss Price and Floorball for year 5

Thursday - Tri golf for years 1 and 2. Notre Dame drama and music club.

Gardening club at lunchtime with Mr Moore. Violin lunchtime club with Mr Naylor.

Friday - Basketball for years 5 and 6.

Gardening club at lunchtime with Mr Moore.

Spring Term

Monday - Geography club for Years 1 and 2 led by Miss Hennessy.

Tuesday - Years 3 and 4 Badminton club with HQ coaching.

Wednesday - Year 1 and 2 Home/school library - come and find a book to read with refreshments and prizes for every 6th week you borrow a book with Miss Potter, Miss Price, Mrs Riding and Mrs Berry.

Wednesday - Phonics Breakfast Club at 8.30am for toast and phonics

Thursday and Friday lunchtimes Mr Moore runs a gardening club.

Thursday after school club led by HQ coaching is Dodgeball for years 1 and 2.

Mr Naylor leads a violin club at lunchtime on a Thursday.

Friday after school is Badminton club for Years 5 and 6.


Summer Term 1

Monday - Years 1 and 2 Tag Rugby. Years 3 and 4 football with Everton in the Community.

Tuesday - Quick Sticks hockey - Years 5 and 6

Wednesday - Phonics Breakfast Club for KS1 children. Home/School library for Years 1 and 2 with Miss Price, Miss Potter, Mrs Riding, Mrs Allen and Mrs Berry. Spelling club for Year 6 with Mrs Haslehurst.

Thursday and Friday lunchtimes Mr Moore runs a gardening club for ks1 and ks2 children.

Thursday -Years 1 and 2 Tennis Club. Violin lunchtime club.

Friday - Years 3 and 4 Tennis Club and Years 5 and 6 Badminton Club. Badminton club for Gwladys Street staff.


Summer Term 2


Monday: Cricket for children in Years 3 and 4, Years 1 and 2 Athletics

Tuesday: Judo Club for children from Years 1, 2, 3 and 4,

Years 5 and 6 Tennis ,

Wednesday: Years 5 and 6 Kwick Cricket with Coach Cole 

Home/school Library with Years 1 and 2 with Miss Price, Miss Potter, Mrs Allen

Year 6 art club with Miss Townley

Year 6 football club with Mrs Haslehurst

Thursday: Years 1 and 2 Tennis, lunchtime violin club with Mr Naylor

Friday: Years 3 and 4 Dodgeball, Badminton Club for Gwladys Street staff.