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Gwladys Street Mini Police

Mini Police 2017-18:

On Wednesday 14th November, Merseyside Police attended our school and delivered an assembly, alongside our Mini Police. The children delivered important messages as part of anti-bullying week. They spoke of the different types of bullying, how to look for signs of bullying and what to do if it ever happens. Well done to all our children who took part!

On Wednesday 27th June 2018, some of our Mini Police were involved in a Crime Prevention and Hate Crime event at Tesco, County Road. Here our children worked in partnership with Merseyside Police raising awareness within our local community. The children gave out information and spoke to members of the public regarding Hate Crime.

June 2018 - Local Speed Operation

As part of our Health and Well being week, some of our Mini Police attended Walton Lane Police Station where they were engaged in a local speed operation. Here, the children saw Officers check the speed of vehicles travelling down Walton Lane. 

Some drivers were spoken to by the Police, whilst others were spoken to by our Mini Police. The children set up a Mini Police Court inside the station and asked drivers a range of questions regarding their speed, including the implications of their actions and dangers on our roads.

Walton Lane has a maximum speed limit of 30mph. Some drivers believed it to be 40mph. 

Our Mini Police were providing safe messages to the public to drive safely and slowly near our school.

With special thanks to the Officers at Walton Lane for their help and support.

Wednesday 27th September

Mini Police Project launched at The Emergency Services Training Centre on the Wirral. 

The Assistant Chief Constable, Julie Cooke, attended along with the Police and Crime Commissioner and the High Sheriff of Merseyside, as well as Local Policing Inspectors.


October 2017

Our Mini Police are set their first task.  They had to deliver a school assembly in relation to Halloween and Bonfire Night. 


February 2018

On Monday 5th February was the start of Regional Hate Crime Awareness Week. Our Mini Police attended St Nicholas Church in the city centre. They watched moving performances from LIPA and 3 really powerful guest speakers who shared their experiences of hate crime. One of the key messages was, “I didn’t need to speak out as it didn’t affect me.” Any form of hate crime should be challenged, whether it is directly or indirectly targeted towards any person, regardless of religion, race, disability, gender. 

With special thanks to our Mini Police who represented our school, supporting the powerful message that Merseyside is no place for hate.

Mather Avenue Police Training Centre

On Tuesday 24th April, our Mini Police attended Mather Avenue Police Training Centre, where they visited the Mounted Section. 

Here, they learned the importance of the roles of the horses within Merseyside Police. They were able to feed and groom the horses and try on the different types of Police uniform. 

They met some of the horses who in fact walked alongside the winning horse at the recent Grand National!

Our Mini Police had a tour of the stables and discovered some of the horses were having a rest before their busy night shift at work. Some horses were going to keep our community safe by working at the Liverpool V Roma football game.

With special thanks to all who made our visit special.