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Anti-bullying Week 13th - 17th November 2017

Liverpool Football Club came to Gwladys Street during Anti-bullying week to remind us how to behave appropriately towards each other. Mighty Red their mascot even came to reinforce this important message.


Mini Police deliver an important assembly

The mini police completed their first assignment to deliver very important messages to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children about safety for Bon Fire Night. The mini police designed a power point about how to keep safe on November 5th and why inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable on Mischief Night.

The mini police also took questions from the children and wore their new uniforms.

Well done.


Mini Police arrive at Gwladys Street!

Look at the pictures of our Mini Police enjoying a day with the Merseyside police. They were able to look at the helicopters, find out about the police dogs and much more. The Mini police first assignment in school is to lead an assembly about safety on Bon Fire Night.

Kamil Stoch motivates children to read

LFC arranged for Kamil Stoch - a Polish ski jumper - to visit Gwaldys Street as part of the premier league reading programme for year 5.

Children were able to interview him about his career.

Spanish day in FS2! To celebrate the end of our Holidays topic we have had a wonderful trip to sunny Spain! This morning we travelled on an aeroplane to Spain helped by a few cabin crew and pilots from Year 6. We loved checking in, having our baggage checked and experiencing take off too! Next we learnt how to count in Spanish with a visit from Miss Booth, made Spanish flags, learnt how to flamenco dance and collaged our own paella which looked good enough to eat! This afternoon we went to our own al fresco tapas restaurant in our garden and tasted lots of Spanish tapas which was yummy!! We had a great day!

On Monday 10th July, some lucky pupils had the chance to visit Anfield to take part in a draw for next seasons allocation of match tickets for schools in the local area. Take a look at the pictures below and see the latest news for more information on the match tickets we have received. 

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who collected coins for our coin challenge! We had great fun using the coins to make a giant school badge and we are pleased to announce that we raised an amazing £322 for school funds! Well done to 1GB who were the winners of the competition as they managed to fill an impressive three jars with coins!!

Year 5 Dot Art competition entries 2017 were inspired by their Space topic. We looked at images of space, the Northern Lights, asteroids, meteor showers and used the technique of Batik wax resist and Brusho powder to create our space images with interesting textures and colours.

Raffle prizes to be won - December 2016

Raffle prizes to be won - December 2016 1

Sainsbury's Active Kids Picture Activity - 25th April 2016


On Monday, selected pupils from years 3 to 6 were chosen to represent the school at a special photoshoot with two sporting athletes; Lucy Bronze (Manchester City footballer) and Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool player)! 


The children had lots of fun meeting sporting heroes and having their photos taken (like celebrities). However, their favourite part was challenging each other in a wind dome area. Everyone had to collect as many Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers as possible. It wasn't easy, jumping through the air to reach the flying vouchers.

Take a look at the photos below:  

Sainsbury's Active Kids Picture Activity

A group of students from years 4 & 5 have been taking part in a special reading programme that is supported by the Premier League. Each week, the Premier League Readers meet to share their reading interests and habits. They learn new skills and develop the confidence to become a regular reader, who reads for pleasure!

As a reward for their hard work, our school was chosen to visit two start authors; Tom Palmer and Jon Mayhew at both our local football stadiums. Everyone enjoyed finding out the books the authors had written. We enjoyed taking part in a reading quiz and creating our own 'silly story' ideas. 


We hope everyone enjoyed the visit and came away with a bigger interest in reading regularly and some good ideas for titles of books they would like to read. 


A huge congratulations goes to all our Year 6 entries to the Dot Art Schools competition 2016. Their artwork, inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, has now been published on the Dot Art Schools website for international exhibition!

Why not pop along to the website to have a look?


Easter School

Year 6 enjoyed many activities with Mrs Haslehurst, Miss Sheridan, Mr Rigby, Miss Townley and Mrs Berry. They ranged from GPS, calculations and reading comprehension. Mrs Berry used the school's new resource Maths a Day which promoted physical activity whilst doing maths - see some photos below. Well done to all the children who attended.

Key Stage One Geography Club

At the beginning of January, we hosted our first ever International Day in school. Throughout the day, we explored different countries and cultures from around the world. Each year group focussed on a different country and had to research and produce work to showcase at the International Day Exhibition. Lots of children prepared and sampled different food from all around the world such as, Polish sausages, Hungarian brownies, English cucumber sandwiches and scones, Romanian and Czech sweet bread. Everyone had fun and enjoyed sampling the different tastes! We also enjoyed learning how to speak some key phrases in different languages. Thanks to all the staff and especially Miss Ania for organising such a wonderful day!

Year 5 trip on Liverpool Tour Bus and Museum of Liverpool

Y4 Pictures, Paintings and Photographs Gallery Exit Point

Arrival at Chet - Year 3 21st October 2015

Day 2 at Chet

Year 3/4 Quicksticks Hockey Competition (Level 2) Wednesday 14th October 2015

Congratulations to the Gwladys Street  A Team for winning their league and finishing 1st! Out of 7 games played, we won 5 and drew 2, managing to concede only 1 goal and scoring 10 goals. A huge well done for winning and showing great team spirit throughout. We now look forward to the Quicksticks City Final involving schools from all over Liverpool. Good luck and keep on practicing every lunch time! 

Year 5 & 6 HQ Basketball After School Club

Year 1 & 2 HQ Basketball After School Club Autumn 1 2015

Dot Art Competition 2015 Prize Giving

We are very proud to announce that our Year 6 entry into the Dot Art Schools competition has won second place in the overall competition out of 375 entries! We are incredibly proud of Sophia whose artwork was praised for its use of colour and form by the judges. The prize giving and private exhibition at St George's Hall were fantastic events where Sophia met the mayor of Liverpool and was also interviewed by Kaleidoscope Arts magazine.  Well done Sophia!


Watch the video of the Dot Art prize giving event as broadcast on Bay TV's 'Arts Alive' programme.