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Celebrating our work

This week at Calm Central , as part of anti bullying week, our children have been looking at the effects of bullying. They have shared their feelings and created lots of amazing work. They spoke of the differentbtypes of bullying and who they can talk to if they need help.

This week here at Calm Central we have been learning all about worry. We have discovered how worry can make our bodies feel and how to share a worry. We read some fantastic stories and even made a worry doll!

Here at Calm Central, we have been learning and understanding ‘jealousy’. We have been discussing how it makes us feel and what it may look like. Children made and designed their own green eyed monsters using salt dough and named them. Calm Central provides a space where children can talk and share their ideas and develop their personal skills and qualities.

Calm Central Butterfly Award

Some of our children recently received their Calm Central Butterfly award for their outstanding work and achievements at Calm Central.

The children received a certificate and bowling vouchers for Hollywood Bowl.

Well done to all!

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Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations


Making cards for special people in our lives.

Self Portraits - how different, unique and special we are.